High Pressure Couplings and Bulkhead Connectors

Autoclave Engineers high pressure couplings and bulkhead connectors are used to make reliable high pressure tube connections up to 60,000 psi.

Autoclave Engineers High Pressure
60,000 psi Couplings (316SS construction)
autocalve engineers high pressure straight autoclave engineers high pressure bulkhead autoclave engineers high pressure union
Tube Size (O.D.) / Rating Straight Bulkhead Union
1/4" 60F4433 60BF4433 60UF4433
3/8" 60F6633 60BF6633 60UF6633
9/16" 60F9933 60BF9933 60UF9933
1" (43,000 psi) 43FX16 43BFX16 43UFX16

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