Cone Closure Pressure Vessel

The Cone Closure pressure vessels from Autoclave Engineers are fixed bed tublar reactors for high pressure research. They are constructed of stainless steel and feature an elastomer-free metal to metal seal. Pressures are available up to 60,000 psi and temperatures up to 800F. Internal volumes range from 1.81 ml up to 45.5 ml.

Features of Autoclave Engineers Cone Closure Pressure Vessel:

  • Working pressure as high as of 60,000 psi @ RT (4,136 Bar @ 398C)
  • 1.81 ml up to 45.5 ml Internal Volumes
  • Metal-to-metal Sealing
  • Stainless steel construction (316 Series)
  • Ideal for use as a fixed bed tubular reactor

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