Low Pressure Check Valves

Autoclave Engineers Speedbite inline check valves in both o-ring style and ball style for are used in high pressure systems to up to 15,000 psi.  

Autoclave Engineers Low-Pressure Check Valves
(316SS construction up to 15,000 psi)
autoclave engineers low pressure o-ring autoclave engineers low pressure ball
Tube Size (O.D.) / Rating O-ring Ball
1/8" (15,000 psi) SWO2200 SWB2200
1/4" (15,000 psi) SWO4400 SWB4400
3/8" (10,000 psi) SWO6600 SWB6600
1/2" (5,500 psi) SWO8800 SWB8800

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