Male to Female Adapters and Couplings

Autoclave Engineers high pressure male to female adapters are used in tubing systems to change the line size from one to another. These adpaters are availalbe in nearly any configuration between Autoclave connections and National Pipe Thread (NPT). The attached literaure lists all of the available options for these high pressure adapters. Adapter pressure ratings are based on the lowest rated connection on the adapter. Please contact our experts at Erie Technical Systems if you need assistance in selecting the proper adapter.

Connection Options available for Autoclave Engineers high pressure male to female adapters:

  • Autoclave Engineers Low Pressure (Speedbite) compression fittings
  • Autoclave Engineers Medium Pressure (Slimline) coned and threaded connections
  • Autoclave Engineers High Pressure connections
  • Autoclave Engineers Flat Top connections
  • Autoclave Engineers Flat Bottom connections
  • National Pipe Thread (NPT)

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